About the club

About the club

Issha Kyudo Kai - Uppsala Kyudoklubb was founded in August 2011, and has as its goal to offer practice and education in kyudo and the principles of budo for the residents of Uppsala and environs, and to cooperate with other Swedish and foreign kyudo clubs to spread and popularise kyudo among the public.

The club is a registered member of the kyudo section of the Swedish Kendo Federation (Svenska Kendoförbundet), and thereby also a part of the Swedish Budo Federation (Svenska Budo- och Kampsportsförbundet) and the National Sports Association (Riksidrottsförbundet). The club is also registered as a non-profit organisation with the tax authorities.

PlusGiro account no: 63 03 88-7

RF association no: 45259-23

SB&K association no: 2066

Organisation no: 80 24 61-5323